Friday …. market day

So today we have a jam packed agenda….

This morning we are off to the market to hopefully catch some good live music, buy some fruit and maybe some good hearty bread (aka bread that is not made by Bimbo which is the local iteration of McGavins). Then we must get money from the bank (known affectionately as Banco No Dinero because more often than not it has no money to dispense). Well the market is a bust as the music consists of one woman doing some karaoke and the bread offered by the organic crowd is too expensive and doesn’t look that great. We have better luck at the bank and are able to withdraw money. That seems to be a full mornings work so we head off to a well known taco shop for beers and shrimp tacos. Wow, delicious. I think I will eat fish or shrimp tacos for the rest of my time here. We meet a young man from Austin, Manitoba. He’s a farmer there and has come for 10 days. We commiserate about the Manitoba winters but, truthfully, I can hardly imagine the cold. It seems so far away. ¬†Gus and James and Callum pop in during the afternoon and then we have a bit of down time before we head to the Miramar beach bar to listen to Wes and Bridget and some of their friends jam. But the down time proves too much for Rudy and when it is time to leave he is fast asleep. So I head off and it is hours before Rudy gets there. Although I left a map for him he doesn’t see it so does a tour of town before he locates the ocean and, in time, the Miramar bar. We end up sitting with another couple, John (from Vancouver) and Glenna (from Toronto). There are fascinating stories shared and the evening fades quickly into sunset. James and Augusta pop by at the end of the evening. Callum is still laughing and chirping, the happiest little camper on the beach. We ride home on the back of their golf cart and climb into bed.


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