It’s our last morning in Sayulita. Time for one last coffee and tea at El Fortin. We buy pastries at the next door bakery and sit on the patio at the street. We have done this for the last 4 days and it is so lovely to start the morning like this. The air is still cool but the sun is shining. People walk by with their dogs. Motorcycles with full families drive past. Today is no school so the kids do not have their school uniforms on. A beefed up truck with flashing blue headlights, a strip of neon lights on top of the cab, and music blaring bullies its way down the street in front of us. Another morning in Sayulita.

We have to be out of our place by noon so we will roll our suitcases down the streets to the bus station and take the trip on the local bus into Puerto Vallarta Airport. Perhaps we will pick up some smoked Marlin tacos at the famous taco stand just outside the airport and then we will wait for our plane. We have our kindles charged up, a Netflix show downloaded on our phones, and Rudy has his crossword and I have my sudoko so we should be okay until we touch down in Winnipeg. I am looking forward to settling in at home.  See you all soon.

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