The last full day

Perhaps this will be my last post for the trip. Tomorrow we leave…..hopefully. I have been following some stories on the news as well as anecdotes from a friend or a friend… The long and short of it is that Swoop (and other airlines) have been canceling flights and people are stranded. I am hoping that our flight is not only running but also on time.

But for now we are enjoying our last days.

Yesterday, I woke up and wandered down to the beach for Luca’s (Tessa’s boy) surf club. His Pops (my brother Wes) takes him every Wednesday at 7 a.m. before school. Not only was it a great opportunity for a walk on the beach and a visit with my brother but I also got to see Luca surf with some of his friends. As a child it would have seemed strange to think that I would have a Manitoba niece who would have a child who surfs frequently. Life is strange. It takes you places that you would never have imagined. And then it is commonplace and you hardly give it a second thought. This is Luca’s life and he probably can’t imagine anything different.

Yesterday, we decided that we needed to get our fill of seafood before we left Mexico and so for lunch we went to our favourite shrimp taco place (Diose) and filled up on Tacos Cameron a la plancha. By suppertime we were thinking of shrimp again so off to El Jakal for their famous coconut shrimp plate. Am I full of shrimp yet? I don’t know. It is 11:15 a.m. as I write this and already I am beginning to think of the shrimp tostadas that we had a couple of weeks ago. (A tostada piled with chunks of avocado and tomato and large shrimp. Maybe we will go there for lunch if Rudy is on board.

Lunch time and we do go for one last taco at Naty’s .I get a some final chicken mole ones. Afterwards we stop at Wa Kika for a yogurt paleta and we meet Wes and Bridget and a pile of their grandkids. Wes hasn’t eaten yet so we go back to Naty’s for food for him and afterwards wander down to show him our place. One story leads to another and we wile away a couple of hours on our couch. We agree to meet at Miramar Bar for the sunset. ┬áThere is still time for one last walk to the end of the beach. I never tire of watching the waves crashing and trying not to let the big waves get us too wet. I even find a few little stones and shells and a broken chunk of tesserae to bring home. We stop by the Miriamar Bar on the way back ┬áto see if Wes and Bridget and the gang are there yet but no go. It is Friday night (Pizza night) so we walk to the little Italian place by the bridge. This guy is from Italy and makes all his own pasta and pizza dough. We have wine and a lovely little pizza. The crust is heavenly. It’s quite dark now and we are late for Miramar but we head there anyway only to find Wes and Bridget packing up their instruments. We ride back into town where they are meeting their kids and grandkids so have a chance to say goodbye to them all.


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