The Last Hurrah

Today is moving day. When we originally booked our airbnb in Sayulita we thought we would fly home the last day of February. But by the time we purchased our return tickets the next possible flight was March 4th. So today we had to move to another place for our final days. We considered a stay in San Pancho, the village up the road. It is charming and has a lovely vibe. (Not to mention the clean streets and wide sidewalks.) When visiting there we (especially Rudy) was impressed with the order and cleanliness of the place. (Rudy stands by the old German adage, Alles in Ordnung.) But we couldn’t find a place there that was satisfactory. We also checked Buscerias. I had been impressed by the beach there and wanted to spend my last days in the calm water (Sayulita’s surf is rougher). And I stand by the camping motto, Everything is better at the Lake (or Ocean if no lake is available). Then finally we decided we were too lazy to move and so were going to extend our stay by 4 days. But we had waited too long. It was now booked. So we began our search for another ¬†place in Sayulita.

So now we are at a little hotel on Playa Azul. It is tiny but bright and new and modern. The rooms are small but everything is clean (Rudy is smiling) and there is a pool in the back courtyard (I am smiling). Rudy has done his nesting. (His toiletries are hanging in the bathroom, the beer is in the fridge, and he has arranged his t-shirts on the shelf. Now he is sitting doing a crossword puzzle. I have also done the thing that makes me happy. I have taken a dip in the pool.

All is well. In fact compared to yesterday we are super well. And I mean well in the healthy sense of the word. Yesterday Rudy was suffering from a terrible headache and fever. (Today he has a rash from it.) And I had a gastrointestinal upset. Yuck. It was terrible. I was weak and sick and couldn’t wander too far from the facilities. Although we are not a hundred percent today we managed the move across town and are looking forward to the new sights and sounds (I am hoping for no dogs, no roosters, and no loud motorcycles) and of course a new bunch of restaurants. We are very close to the North Beach as well and I will certainly spend some time there.

The air cools off in the evening and I even wrap a scarf around my neck to go out for supper. We decide on burgers as my stomach is a little iffy and the thought of seafood is too much. We end up in a scruffy little place past the main square area. The waitress wears leather and has lots of tattoos on her midriff. A man inside the bar/restaurant sees a friend driving down the street and hollers loudly chasing him down. This is not a genteel establishment. We order two for one priced margaritas and they arrive with tajin on the rim of the glass. Delicious. Rudy and I share a burger and fries. The fries are the homemade sort much like the ones my mom used to make. The burger has a similar feeling. Comfort food. Like home. Like where we are headed  for soon.

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