What is that on the wall?

Rudy has made a discovery. It took him a while. We had been in our new digs for the afternoon and evening yesterday and as we were climbing into bed he spotted it. “Oh,” he gasped, “Did you see that?” I glanced up nervously. What could it be? We have had large spiders on our walls and lizards clambering up into holes and cracks in our last place. All that is par for the course and really nothing that I worry about. But what was Rudy getting excited about? Was it a scorpion? That would warrant my immediate attention. There really was no possibility of a snake which is really the only thing I am terrified of.

“IT’S a TV!” he said incredulously. I let out a big sigh. Whew! ┬áNothing to get worried about. ┬áBut there he sat, eyes wide and heart beating just a little faster than usual. He definitely was shaken.

Yes, it is true. The man who spends hours watching news and sports on TV has been without it for two months. Really, I am surprised he recognized the device. But surprisingly after the initial shock he has not even tried to turn it on. He seems indifferent to it. Perhaps he will come home a changed man and rearrange his living room and take down his TV and maybe start some new hobby? Who knows? He has been watching me do crafts for two months. Maybe he will haul up a craft table and construct little wool monsters or get out the yarn and knitting needles and knit a sweater. The possibilities are endless. Miracles happen and people are changed by their experiences. Get ready, friends and family at home. The new Rudy Nikkel will be stepping off the plane on Saturday.

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