Today is a day to take it easy. Last night was less than restful. I felt hot and had a fever, my whole body ached, I was awoken with nightmares frequently and it was Friday night so the music was pounding. So today I am just relaxing. Rudy and I did go out for an empanada, a coffee, and a sit in a restaurant for a drink. Rudy bought some t-shirts and I nattered to him about what else we should buy (Rudy’s interpretation of the shopping trip.)

We spent a quiet afternoon in our hotel room… me having a nap and Rudy working on a website. We emerged around 7 pm to find some food on the street and were astonished to find the place buzzing. Hundreds of people on the streets, people in costumes, people selling coronetas (flower headbands with twinkling lights) and plastic toys, and tickets to evening strolls with minstrels. After procuring a hotdog for Rudy and elote with cheese for me we joined the throngs streaming towards the Union Garden. There were musicians and dancers and noise. Wow, what an incredible night. It seems like a carnival but I am sure it is just a regular Saturday night downtown in Guanajuato.

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