A Tights Day

It was one of those days. A tights day! What do I mean by that? I only have one or two outfits and a variation with tights is what happens 99% of the time. Sometimes if it is warmer, I may pair it with a tank top. My cotton scarf can be added around my neck to keep off the sun’s rays and then can provide warmth in the late afternoon. A zip up sports jacket accompanies this outfit in the cooler evening and also mornings with a cup of tea to keep warm. And , of course, there is the down vest.

But today my tights doubled as loungewear (or pajamas if you want to get less sophisticated). I lay around the house reading, doing some crafts, completing an occasional suduko, and doing some puzwhiz (which is a stupid puzzle game on my phone involving pouring different colours of liquids into test tubes). The whole situation left me quite unsatisfied. My book left me emotionally drained (it was intense), the fine needlework frustrated me and the suduko and puzwhiz left my brain soggy.

Really there wasn’t much of a way to redeem the day.  However Rudy tried. We went out for supper and had a delicious tamarind margarita. We stopped at the bakery and Rudy got a chocolate éclair and I purchased a chocolate croissant. On our way home we stopped at our favourite tienda and Rudy bought a chocolate covered ice cream bar. (Did I mention that I had snuck down to the store earlier in the afternoon to buy one for myself to ward the malaise of a wasted day.

So yah, it was a pajama (tights) day and it ended off as it should……with a big dose of chocolate.

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