Doors and Windows

At home, I pay little attention to doors on houses and even less to the windows. But here I find I am always looking. What’s behind that old door? I gasp in surprize when I catch a glimpse of an inner courtyard behind an unassuming door. I appreciate the bright blooms in window boxes. I am drawn to the beautiful garlands around the entryways to many of the businesses.

When we first arrived in San Miguel de Allende and were dropped at 14 Huertas I was less than impressed by the exterior door. Upon opening it we found what appeared to be a construction zone.  However, having traveled in Mexico and Central America I am familiar with the scene. Things may or may not be completed. Further work may be done in one year or five. Sort of like my baseboards at home that will be fully finished and nailed on when the house is ready to be sold. Once into the passageway there were several beautiful entrance doors (and also piles of gravel and bricks) but once we climbed the cramped narrow staircase to our house we were suitably impressed. And now, it is home.

On my daily walks, since day one, I have taken pictures of doors and windows. It’s an activity that I never tire of.

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  1. I feel the same way about doors and window when I am away from home. At. home I rarely pay attention. Not sure why. Doors are a way to get in or out. From one world to another.

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