Today is an auspicious day. It’s our anniversary. When Rudy opened his crossword puzzle book this morning it affirmed the importance of today. It was  as if the universe was sending out signals. The title for the morning crossword was Married Couples. But, before you readers get too excited, let me clarify. Today is the one-week anniversary of our stay in San Miguel. And yes, we are still very happy with the place.

My morning adventure had me climbing the steps of La Ruta Agua by the old church hill. The steps are steep and go on forever but I am going to try to keep this up. It’s like a fitness trail at home and with my new fitbit I can see, in real time, how fast my heart is beating. ( I probably would be able to figure it out with the gasps of breath I take and, the almost overwhelming urge to sit down and take a rest.) I follow random streets and suddenly I find myself at the toy museum. I had passed it the day before but it was closed. I decide to go in.

The museum is housed in an old colonial house and that is part of the charm. Displays are set up in the old kitchen, the fire place, and in each of the rooms on three floors, as well as the outdoor patio. It is done very professionally which, I am finding, is par for the course here in San Miguel. The city is an arts centre and although there is a smattering of amateur artists on the streets, the actual galleries and museums are what I would expect at home.

There are artifacts from each region in Mexico and there are even English explanations of, not only the toys but also the regions and information about construction and the artisans.  Also, there is commentary about the importance of play in the social development of humans.

I arrive home for lunch with Rudy and then he sets off on his own adventures. First is a haircut.

And then it is on to two stores to check out guitars. He wants to buy one to practice (and perhaps play sweet serenades to me [insert smiley face]  but also possibly to join in on some of the jams with Wes and Bridget and their friends down in Sayulita when we get there in February.

And so, maybe, like all good partnerships, we reunite in the evening, each having had a full day of our own adventures. Rudy cooks spaghetti and meat sauce. This, we consume with a glass of wine. After which we watch a movie.

What a great way to spend our one week anniversary in San Miguel.

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  1. I am constantly amazed by the colours of Mexico. Never boring. Here in Arizona it seems there are only 2 colours–brown or tan

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