Laying Low

If yesterday was a race, today was the opposite. It was a book day and although I did take some time to eat  (only when Rudy set a plate in front of me), I basically read. I moved from my bed, to the kitchen table, and then to the upstairs patio with the book, Demon Copperhead by Barbara Kingsolver. I haven’t always been sold on her books. Sometimes it seems the message overpowers the story. I found her book, The Poisonwood Bible, hard to take at times when she became too preachy. But this book, which takes its inspiration and structural narrative from David Copperfield by Charles Dickens, has me hooked.  Demon’s voice has been compared to Huck Finn and there are certainly some similarities between the unique way the characters have of expressing themselves. But all that aside, the story is riveting. It is hilarious on one hand, but totally disturbing on the other. Kingsolver has a lot to say about child poverty, social services, drug addiction and pharmaceutical companies.  I did not look up all day.

Late afternoon I surfaced for a shower and then Rudy and I headed out for dinner. Wow, I had forgotten that we were in Mexico. The air was warm and people were out walking in the streets. Rudy had scouted out a traditional Mexican restaurant. He had enchiladas verde and I had mole. For dessert we devoured churros with chocolate.

We wandered home in the lighted streets. There was a big band concert in the main square and after that we headed, in a roundabout way, to our place, stopping in at an art gallery, and sitting in a square on a bench.

The day’s pace was perfect. And now back to my book and then off to bed.

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