The Party Continues

The party continues for Allende and Rudy.  For me, I spend a low-key day. I do get out for a walk and check out the main square.

The bands are all still there. The bandstand is decorated as a shrine to Allende. There are wreaths on street corners. And the crowds are thick.

A marimba band plays. I wander around aimlessly and even go into some stores. Things are priced for the wealthy but I pretend I am one of those as I go through clothing racks, arts and crafts, and beautiful textiles. But really, I am not up for much.

Rudy has spent the day working on two NYT crosswords, tuning his guitar, working on his computer, and reading Huck Finn. But, in the evening, he decides he has enough umph to go down to the sports bar to watch football. (and party?) I decline. I am so glad just to spend a quiet evening all by myself catching up on reading, blog posts, and a new monster project.  I can hear the crowds and the music from our apartment. I am relieved not to have to eat out. I make myself a tea and nibble on a few chips. I have my own small party and Rudy’s evening doesn’t turn out to be much of a party as his team loses and he comes home early. But the crowds in the street don’t seem to mind. The fireworks and the celebrations continue.

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