Work and Celebration

The morning dawns cool and crisp. The evening and night were cold but I was cocooned in my thick heavy blankets and only had to make my way across the cold tile floor once in the night when the neighbour’s dog either had a dream about a dangerous robber entering the passageway between the houses or just thought it was time to wake me up to go to the bathroom. I have tried out all the beds and feel a little like Goldilocks that has found the perfect one. Some too lumpy and some too hard but this one is just right.

This morning seemed like a day for household chores and I grabbed our dirty laundry and headed up to the rooftop patio and laundry room. Fresh air, sunlight and a strange washer that has some automatic features make the chore so much fun. I have always enjoyed hanging laundry outside and here is no exception.

Then after the morning cup of tea, a few stitches on my monster project, a sweep of the floor, and breakfast, I headed off to forage for food. The market by the church in El Centro is good for fruits and veggies and the tienda on corner has other things. After that I proceeded to the Panaderia for the delicious seed bread. No more sugar buns for us. This Panderia caters to North Americans and I am happy to oblige by shopping there.

The afternoon found me exploring around the Benito Juarez Park. I discovered something called La Ruta Agua. It is where the original stream that came from the settlement is and where the first church of the city was built. There are gardens, and walkways and beautiful buildings at this cultural site.


I passed a decorated entrance to a courtyard. The sash of flowers over the archway was stunning.


Continuing on I passed a decorated car


and then on into the courtyard in front of the church I realized there was some ceremony happening. I thought it must be a wedding what with the beautiful music and solemn words from the priest emanating from the church. However, when it was all over it turned out to be a Quince Anos celebration.


Wow, what a lot of to do for a fifteenth birthday celebration. And yet, marking significant milestones with ceremony and celebration is something that maybe we should do more of. Mennonites typically didn’t go for big parties, I guess. Perhaps too frivolous but I think we miss out on something because of it.

Well, at least I got my laundry done this morning.

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